Uc College Enterprise Agreement

Despite the job losses, UC College staff are committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement. On June 19, employees gave up their jobs (see here) and took a series of other union actions to show that they were willing to defend themselves and their colleagues in the face of uncompromising management. This allowance is in addition to the indexed salary increases introduced in the previous agreement. This is the first time that a link between remuneration and individual performance has been implemented in a company agreement in Australian higher education. IEA – Specialist Research Positions – Fixed Term (PDF 82 KB) (including Post Doc`s, Research Associates, Research Fellows) – June 17, 2016 We also need collaborators to help you inform your colleagues. Please talk to your colleagues about the importance of standing up for UC College staff who are facing a pay cut. A “no” is forcing management back to the bargaining table and is the only way to reach an agreement that does not reduce employees` wages. 18 February 2016: Powerful employees at the University of Canberra are rewarded with a high-performance bonus introduced in the University`s new 2015-18 Corporate Agreement and which comes into effect today. The agreement supports the objectives of the university`s strategic plan and maintains and improves the generous employment conditions at the university. Academic Support Positions – Fixed Term (PDF 130KB) (includes Teaching Assistants/Field or Laboratory Demonstrations/Research or Laboratory Assistants/Tutors) – November 20, 2018 The NTEU is also hosting a BBQ in front of UC College on Thursday, July 25 at 12:30 pm. We encourage all members, including UC and UC College members, to come and support the efforts of UC College staff in the fight for a fair deal.

NTEU members at UC College have been negotiating a new company agreement since last year. While a new deal seemed likely in December, a review revealed years of mismanagement of a UC college since privatization with Navitas, which had led the college into a precarious financial situation. Last April, staff were informed that the UC college would be insolvent by October if the status quo was maintained. This was reported to the Canberra Times earlier this year. There are no comments. Be the first to speak!. Even the process of proposing a new deal has been mismanaged with a farce. After the agreement was reached on the 15th The management was forced to recall them and interrupt the process a few days later for having let out of the proposed agreement for a whole year salary increases for professional staff.

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