Suny Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Governor`s Office of Employee Relations provides a comprehensive list of bargaining units and codes as well as links to all treaties between the State and the Union. Civil Service Employees AssociationThe nearest suny employee group is represented by CSEA. Unlike UUP, CSEA represents classified employees in all public authorities and is the largest representative of public employees in the state. The total number of members of the state is 83,000, of which about 13,000 are from SUNY. Three distinct bargaining units at the national level are under the roof of the CSEA. The largest group in SUNY is the Administration Service Unit, which consists of secretarial and clerical staff. The Operational Services Unit consists of people in titles such as carpenter, janitor, electrician, workshop guard and stationary engineer. The Institutional Services group, which is relatively small at SUNY, derives its membership from titles such as Licensed Practical Nurse, Local Workers, Laboratory Nursing Assistants, Hospital Guards, and Operating Room Technicians. Each of the three entities has a separate collective agreement, but the agreements are identical in many ways. The differences are usually related to significantly different work functions and the specific needs of those jobs. APSUAPSU represents the Police Services Agency (APSU), a national unit that includes officials from SUNY, parks and recreation and environmental protection services. Founded in 2002, it is the university`s last bargaining unit. The unit of about 2,000 people is about 520 SUNY officers in titles such as University I and II Police Officers and University I and II University Police Investigators.

These titles were formerly in the Security Services Unit and the Security Supervisors Unit. While the public safety function at the university has existed for many years, the focus has recently been on the police function and the unit has been removed from the larger bargaining units, which are mainly made up of prison officers. This unit includes positions that perform a confidential function vis-à-vis a senior manager, who has a primary responsibility for formulating campus-wide policy, participates in the preparation of collective bargaining, plays an important role in the management of collective agreements, or plays an important role in the management of complaints or staff. The staff of this unit is not represented. . . .

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