Freddie Mac Servicing Agreement

Increase your profitability while maintaining your service asset Freddie Macs Cash Servicing-Retained Execution offers you an extremely competitive secondary marketing solution that supports your borrower relationship strategies. This cash execution helps you increase your profitability for fixed mortgages while preserving your service assets. If you sell credit for cash, you get the benefits of executing securities without the extra thinking of a swap, and you`ll get high-end securities market prices for your loans. You can sell one loan at a time through a Best Efforts agreement or many credits through a large mandatory contract based on your individual business requirements. In addition, you can sell both high-end mortgages and discounted loans as long as their interest rates are above or below our published maximum allowable coupon. You get premium prices for your premium mortgages and you can sell the total mortgage return (minus your service spreads) because there is no Par Cap. For more | To the navigation on the | site Proceed to section navigation The information on this page is not a substitute or replacement for information contained in the Seller/Seller Guide and/or the terms of your framework agreement and/or other pricing identification terms. . .


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