Etu Agreement

If your employer is about to start negotiations for a new agreement and publish a communication on representation rights, contact your ETU organiser immediately for further instructions before taking any action. ETU members are not required to appoint someone as part of the procedure for notifying representation rights if you want the union to represent you during negotiations. Advice to the contrary should be immediately forwarded to your organizer. Agreements that are once certified form the basis of members` working conditions and are a useful resource for members, if you would like a copy of your company agreement, please fill out the following application form: Find your agreement on the Fair Work Commission website using keywords – EtU negotiates company agreements on behalf of members throughout NSW and ACT. These agreements include the rights, conditions and rights of members working under a company agreement and cover issues such as rates of pay, holidays, working hours, classification structures and dispute resolution procedures, among others, etu “LETI” has signed a research and education cooperation agreement with Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU). Employees who are not covered by a particular company agreement will most likely be covered by one of the modern national awards. There are 122 modern awards that have been designed to replace the thousands of state and federal state awards in 2010. However, NSW state and local government employees remain covered by state distinctions or company agreements. The vast majority of ETU members are covered by specific company agreements, but if you need access to your modern price, you can find it on the Fair Work Commission website or if they are subject to a state distinction on the NSW Industrial Relations Commission website. If you are unsure of the reward your work covers, please contact your nearest ETU office for assistance. Your ETU official can also help you respond to contract requests. Contact them here. After reviewing the documents and approving the international admission of students, a candidate obtains an agreement for educational services and an invitation for a visa.

The ETU “LETI” participated in the 31st conference and exhibition of the European Association for International Education in Helsinki. An evil robot developed by the developers of the ETU Youth Research Institute “LETI” received a gold medal as the best project at the 75th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). The parties highlighted biomedical technology, instrumentation, energy and electrical engineering, metrology, automation and management of technological processes and production, as well as corporate governance as the main areas of cooperation. . . .

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