Wsj Subscriber Agreement

Yes, WSJ is available to all eligible subscribers worldwide. Special events, discounts and competitions are organized in regional editions: America; Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific (APAC), if you are in Europe, you can only see the regional edition of the EMEA. This regional edition will be distributed to you based on your IP address. If you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you must activate the checkbox in which you give your consent under this Contract on the Service`s registration page. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Contract, you should not activate the checkbox, but you cannot continue the registration process for the service concerned and become a participant. If you have access to a service or use it without completing our registration process, you are informed that your continued use of a service is subject to many of the conditions of this Agreement, as shown in Section 7 below. Registration data and other information about you are subject to our privacy policy. Your data can be stored and processed in the United States or another country where Dow Jones has facilities, and by using an online service, you agree to transfer information outside your country. If you access a service or by a third party (z.B. Your employer or educational institution in which you are a student (a “third party”) was able to provide us with information about you so that we could give you access to the service and differentiate you from other subscribers (. B, for example, your email address or name). If you access a service with a password, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that password.

By allowing someone else to access your password for a service, you can view your account information and make changes through the service`s website. If you give someone the answer to your security question for a service, they can request account information and make changes through customer service. You agree to notify us immediately if you change your billing and delivery address and email address so that we can continue to contact you and send all required messages. If you do not inform us immediately of a change, any message we send to your old address will be considered sufficient. 14.2 Unless you and we agree otherwise, the arbitration will take place either in the Subscriber`s principal residence or in New York County, New York. In the event of a claim of USD 14,000 or less, you can choose to conduct an arbitration procedure solely on the basis of documents submitted to the arbitrator or by a hearing in person or by telephone. In addition, the following restrictions apply to all subscribers and users (for the sole purpose of this paragraph, all subscribers and users who have access to IS WSJ service information is a Wall Street Journal subscription program accessible to and members who benefit from certain “Member Benefits” benefits, such as special invitations, special offers from our partners and the opportunity to participate in competitions (third parties who participate in the organization, promotion or promotion or victory of these contests are called “providers”). These events, offers, contests and other benefits can be changed and/or cancelled at any time.

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