Taco Bell Terms Of Agreement

You recognize and believe that your use of the platform may lead you to provide an “electronic signature” indicating your desire to use the platform. Your “electronic signature” indicates your consent to this agreement and your consent to receive communications about this agreement electronically. If you want to receive notifications in another way, you can contact Taco Bell in webmaster@tacobell.com to change your communication settings. You cannot use or export or re-export the platform in any way, unless it has been approved by U.S. law and by the jurisdictional laws in which the platform was acquired. In particular, but without restriction, the platform must not be exported or re-exported (a) to a U.S. embargo country, or designated by the U.S. government as a “terrorist support country” or (b) for someone on the U.S. Treasury Department list or list of persons or entities rejected by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

By using the platform, you declare and guarantee that you are not in such a country or on such a list. You also agree that you do not use the platform for purposes prohibited by U.S. law, including, but not only, the design, construction, manufacture or manufacture of nuclear missiles, chemical missiles or biological weapons. Please read our privacy statement under www.tacobell.com.au/privacy (the “Privacy Policy”) that is included here and also regulates your use of this application to understand Taco Bell Australia`s privacy practices. From time to time, Taco Bell can update this platform and agreement. Your use of this platform after Taco Bell has issued changes to the agreement, represents your consent to these changes, which should be made from the date of these changes. Taco Bell may, at its sole discretion and at any time, terminate or prevent its use with or without notice. You accept that you have no rights to this platform and that Taco Bell has no responsibility to you if this platform is abandoned or if your ability to access the platform is removed. You understand that some offers, services and features that may be available on the platform may be subject to additional specific terms and conditions. This may include loyalty and reward programs.

In the event of a conflict between this agreement and these specific conditions, the specific conditions will be monitored. You also understand and accept that certain offers, services and features may be made available on the platform`s website or versions and not in the (s) version of the platform and vice versa. The above conditions do not apply to unprotected ideas or other information that you can pass on to Yum! Brands that have ideas through “communication with Yum! Brand” section above.

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