Innogy Power Purchase Agreements

Instatrust is a digital market that connects companies that want to buy electricity through renewable energy sales contracts (PPAs). March 10 (Renewables Now) – Germany`s Innogy SE (ETR:IGY) is supplying electricity from a 27 MWp solar farm in southern Alberta. Canada, to local timber producer West Fraser Timber Co Ltd. French renewable energy company Voltalia SA (EPA:VLTSA) has signed a 20-year solar power sale contract with Brazilian thermoplastic resin manufacturer Braskem (BVMF:BRKM5) for part of the power of two solar farms with a total value of 270 MW. Read more. Iberdrola SA (BME:IBE) has signed an agreement to supply 100% renewable electricity to Spanish fruit juice and smoothie producer Juver Alimentacion. Read more. In 2019, companies more than doubled the volume of green electricity purchases through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to a record 19.5 GW, or about 10% of the global renewable energy volume installed last year. Roland Kok, head of Customer Solutions at innogy SE, said: “We conducted a thorough review of digital energy trading platforms on the global market and sought a user-friendly, user-friendly and completely independent solution. DNV GL Instatrust`s digital marketplace combines all of these features into one platform and, with DNV GL`s market-based expertise in the energy experts market, is convinced that the market is ideally positioned to speed up and simplify the power purchase process.

According to us, the use of renewable energy is increasingly becoming a service through a commodity, and digitization allows us to connect more easily and earlier with the right partners. Apex, McDonald`s strike for 326 MW of Acciona SA wind power in Spain (BME:ANA) will provide 100% renewable energy to Chilean salt producer K-S Chile SA on the basis of a recently signed long-term PPP. Read more. Electricity from the Vauxhall Photovoltaic (PV) facility will be delivered under a 10-year achamail (AAE) contract that will be available from May 2020, Innogy said on Monday. The facility itself, also known as Prairie Sunlight III, is currently in commissioning and will provide West Fraser with more than 45,000 MWh of electricity and environmental attributes after full operation.

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