Who Has An Entailment Agreement With Atticus In To Kill A Mockingbird

The book implies that he had consulted Atticus Finch on the derailment, suggesting that he was actively looking for a way to sell the land because he needed the money. Atticus goes to court, because the trial starts that day. The trial is the speech of the city, the greatest thing that happens, and everything that happens on this scale does not fit without a parade. Jem, Scout and Dill – warned by Alexandra to stay in the courtyard – watch the men and women of Maycomb Parade, on the way to the courthouse, dressed in their Sunday. People picnic outside the courthouse for lunch. The old men who watched the courthouse daily as a recreation – the Idlers – were “annoyed by the interruption” of the rest of the audience. Even the Mennonites, who rarely come to the city, perform. That evening, Scout Atticus recounts her day and hopes she doesn`t need to go back to school – not Burris Ewell. Atticus explains why the Ewells receive special attention and then tells Scout, “You never really understand a person . . . until you get into his skin and get through it.` These words remain with Scout, and she will attempt with different successes to follow Atticus` advice throughout history. Scout is all the more confused because her father is not like the authority figures she meets at school.

Atticus is not a typical parent. Lee does an expert job of getting this message out to readers by calling the Atticus children by his first name. He treats his children as individuals and speaks to them in an adult way. Scout accepts this behavior as normal and says, “Jem and I were used to our father`s last dictation, and we were always free to interrupt Atticus for a translation if it was out of our comprehension.” Perhaps this day would not have been so devastating for both if Miss Caroline had argued with Scout. The dill has returned to the city with somewhat outliers, and the summer is laid out as was the case in the previous summers, with the absence of a self-sufficient Jem that grows. But then there`s the process. Neighbor Arthur “Boo” Radleys (Robert Duvall) situation was not studied in the film or in the book. Some viewers say that Boo is mentally disabled, or at least that his family thought so, and that this idea is based on the fact that he stabbed a family member with scissors.

Others point out that the scissor incident was just a rumour and that Arthur Radley was perfectly normal when he was a child, that he had just arrived in a bad crowd, that he was arrested and that his extremely religious parents promised never to let him leave the house again.

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