Veeam Agreement

The license expiry date and the expiry date of the license holder are calculated from the start date of the license/contract, when Veeam accepts the distribution order and delivers the license key to the to the customer portal. Licensing agreements are in the directory /usr/share/doc/veeam of the computer on which you installed the product. In order to initiate the license transfer process to another license administrator or another company, customers must open a license case on the customer portal ( 6.0 Maintenance and Support (“Maintenance”) for the software, in accordance with the licensing policies and support policies you will find under Maintenance, if included in the purchased software, starts from the date your order is processed and the license file generated. You will receive (a) support for your software and (b) any updates, improvements or improvements contained or defined in maintenance policies. Software updates cannot be applied to software with out-of-date maintenance. Customers who currently depend on maintenance have the option of merging multiple production license keys into a single license key, which can be used in a product facility. The fusion feature for current versions is available on the customer portal ( In cases where a merger is required for older versions of Veeam products, the licensing case must be opened. Customers who need to combine the socket and instance licenses acquired in a license key can do so on the customer portal ( Learn more about licensing key mergers.

You can also accept licensing agreements with dedicated orders. For more information, please see Acceptance of Licensing Agreements. For more information, please contact Veeam Renewals in The process of accepting licensing agreements differs depending on how you work with Veeam Agent for Linux – via the control panel interface or the online command interface. 11.0 Intellectual property rights. All rights, titles and interests relating to intellectual property rights on and over the software as well as all copies you are allowed to make are the property of Veeam and/or its licensees and are protected by Swiss, American and other patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other international laws and treaties. These licensees are, in addition to all the other rights or remedies available to them, third parties receiving this ECJ for their respective software. This software is licensed, not sold. The purchase of the software license (indeterminate or subscription) is non-refundable and is not refundable.

The software is protected by patents, and some trademarks and logos used in the software are protected by trademarks. The list of patents and trademarks is available at For more information 1.0 License Grant, see 1.0 License Grant. This CLA gives the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of the software in the object code for your internal activities (not for third-party data management, unless the product you have authorized expressly allows you to do so). The software must be installed, used and provided in accordance with the license you have acquired, you will find a description of the license under (“Licensing policy”).

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