This Is The Android Software Development Kit License Agreement

4.1 Google agrees not to receive rights, securities or interest from you (or your licensees) under this software application licensing agreement that you are developing with GDK, including all intellectual property rights that exist in these applications. 2. Using SDK: You can only develop Android apps. You cannot create works derived from the SDK or distribute the SDK on one device or distribute part of the SDK with other software. 1.2 “glass” refers to glass appliances and the glass software stack for use on glass appliances. 14.2 You agree that if Google does not exercise or exercise legal rights or remedies contained in this license agreement (or which Google benefits from under applicable law), this is not considered a formal waiver of Google`s rights and that these rights or remedies are still available to Google. 4.6 You agree that you are solely responsible (and that Google has no liability to you or to third parties) for the breach of your obligations under this license agreement, an applicable contract or the terms of use of third parties or applicable laws or regulations, as well as the consequences (including losses or damages that Google or third parties may suffer) of such a violation. Thank you for your interest in TokBox, Inc. (“TokBox”) and the real-time communication platform and associated services (the “Service”) and the associated software development kit, consisting of documentation, distributable libraries (“libraries”), sample code (“sample code”) and other documents directly made available to you in the corresponding sdK download, as well as all upgrades, modified versions, supplements and improvements, if they exist (together the “SDK”), that allow developers to create software tools. 3.3 You may not use the GDK for purposes that are not expressly authorized in this license agreement. Except to the extent required by the corresponding third-party licenses, you can: a) copy (except for backup purposes), not modify, adapt, redistribute, decompil, decompile, deconstruct, disassemble or create works derived from the GDK or part of the GDK; or b) to charge part of the GDK on a mobile handset or on a portable device or other hardware device other than a glass device PC, to combine part of the GDK with other software, or to distribute software or devices containing part of the GDK. 2.2 By clicking on the acceptance, you accept the terms of this license agreement. 6.1 In order to continuously renew and improve the GDK, Google may collect certain software usage statistics, including, but not limited to, a unique identifier, an associated IP address, a software release number and information about the tools and/or services used and how they are used in the GDK.

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