The New Nafta Trade Agreement

Bloomberg is no longer a candidate for president. “The 26-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement should be reviewed,” Bloomberg told the Post. “I support what Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House of Representatives have done to successfully change President Trump`s initial plans for the USMCA and improve it on key issues – including reducing pollution and increasing resilient infrastructure, eliminating unfair controls from big business and people who have gone to reduce drug costs and improve access to life-saving drugs. and to give the USMCA the most powerful enforcement mechanisms for a U.S. trade agreement. CUSMA covers the protection of Aboriginal fishing rights, trade and allows Crown Corporations to hire Aboriginal peoples through privileged hiring programs. The environmental chapter recognizes the importance of indigenous knowledge for environmental responsibility. Steyer is no longer a candidate for president. “While the USMCA is better for working families and our major partners in the work, I cannot support an agreement that does not mention the climate and works to protect our planet for future generations,” Steyer told The Post. “The fight against climate change must be central to any trade agreement, as the threat is serious and requires urgent and immediate action.” Steyer previously told Politico that the revised USMCA agreement was “an asset to our major partners at work and to the American workers who are stimulating our economy.” On March 1, 2019, many organizations representing the agricultural sector in the United States announced their support for the USMCA and asked Congress to ratify the agreement.

They also called on the Trump administration to continue to support NAFTA until the new trade agreement is ratified. [70] On March 4, House Ways and Means President Richard Neal predicted a “very hard” path through Congress for the agreement. [71] Starting March 7, senior White House officials met with members of the Ways and Means House of Representatives, as well as moderate cackles from both parties, such as the Solver Caucus, the Tuesday Group and the Blue Dog Coalition, to seek ratification support. The Trump administration also withdrew from the threat to withdraw from NAFTA as negotiations with Congress continued. [72] The agreement extends other intellectual property rights, such as. B that extending copyright protection for 50 years in NAFTA to 70 years. It also includes new criminal penalties for the theft of trade secrets, including cyber theft. The Trump administration`s office proposed the USMCA citing new measures for digital commerce, strengthening the protection of trade secrets and adapting the rules of origin of automobiles among the benefits of the trade agreement. [112] A new addition to the USMCA is the inclusion of Chapter 33, which covers macroeconomic policies and exchange rate issues.

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