Special Prorated Agreement

It is therefore necessary to put in place a method to limit at least some of the aforementioned disadvantages of existing methods. In particular, it would be very cost-effective for airlines to have a method that significantly speeds up the process of agreeing on the value of coupons, without resorting to restrictive solutions leading to the abandonment of independence. However, only one organization determines the choice of the public demonstration engine. Such an agreement is therefore more likely to be imposed on the other carrier. In addition, this method prevents consideration of the amount of the tariff. Such a solution therefore limits the independence of airlines. The agreement system also includes connection 14 to enable communication between VC and PC E-Ticket server systems. In a second example of invention, the chord system no longer includes stand-alone consolidator modules. The other components are organized to integrate the functions of the consolidation module. Therefore, the remaining components can exchange all the information. As a result, each provider contains additional links online and online, with the exception of 12V.

The support page validating according to this example is on ABB. 7. The E-Ticket VC 1V server system, the VC 6V generation module, the VC 8V receiving module and the VC 13V sales accounting are linked together via the 5V, 7V, 12V online connections. Optional 15V, 16V, 17V online connections may also be available, although they are not required for the invention to work. These non-compulsory links are shown in dotted lines in Figure 7. The E-Ticket VC 1V server system houses the VC 3V coupon database and is connected to a 2 ticketing server and a DCS VC 4V. In particular, by moving the cycle of the coupon exchange agreement to a concept based on sales rather than a travel-based approach, the invention most often allows an agreement to be reached before the passenger`s journey. As a result, the billing time for most e-tickets is significantly reduced. Dictionaries are a special database necessary for automatic calculation of the value of the coupon (autoprorate). As part of the service, Avisoftica manages at its own expense the reference data necessary for Interline`s calculations: Interline-Partner and billing conditions with them, IATA CH courses, provisional and prorate factors of IATA. If the valid carrier finds that the E-Ticket is in fact an E-Ticket, the Consolidator VC 11V module will request the VC 6V VC module in real time through the 7V online link and send it the full e-ticket to get the coupon values in real time.

Multilateral Prorate Agreements (MPA) are promoted by an international association called the International Air Transport Association IATA. These agreements are based on the coordination of collective agreements. However, billing amounts are indexed to the level of fares, resulting in the participating airline receiving an amount that depends on the fare set by the valid airline. This invention has been the subject of a detailed description in order to provide professionals in this field with the information necessary to implement such an agreement procedure. However, if it has been described in detail the particular forms of execution of this invention, it must be understood that it can make various modifications, modifications and substitutions, without deviating in one way or another from the spirit and magnitude of this invention, as defined in the following claims. Then, the PC 11P consolidation module sends the E-Ticket Server System PC 1P the OK First Flag display with the proportional value assessed by the valid carrier and agreed by the participating carrier. The invention is based on a new system architecture that allows the able-bodied carrier and participating carrier to pro-rata exchange information on the e-ticket, coupon and coupon in the event of the issuance or modification of the electronic ticket and before the use of the coupon.

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