Ridgid Service Agreement

Living in Canada and trying to get that lifetime guarantee is just a joke. My example I bought a 13-inch thick planner in November 2017 and is now in service due to an unknown problem. Sending all the documents to address caused frustration due to the shipping service in Canada, we do not have certified mail, as requested by Rigid and Us Postal will not accept any recommended letter, so I had to send emails both times by follow-up number. MR rigid tools you`d better put all your documents that your employees have placed for public viewing, they should revise them, maybe a piece on the face book is needed to organize things. I don`t think it`s worth it to have a rigid tool. Yes, it`s nice to have a lifetime service contract, but there are other brands that are better, like: milwaukee dewalt and makita. I have a fixed store vacuum and recently the machine has made too much noise, think of hearing protectors. When I`m dept`s rigid service. Contacted, they said that the machine was in order, and that`s normal. Obviously, the tool has poor storage, but at 80 dollars odd, it`s not worth arguing. Just like any good DYI home repair guy, I would drop the device on the Cemetary rigid tool (Home Depot Parking on a busy morning weekend). I`m pretty sure someone took the vacuum and shone on his new discovery.

I walked in and bought a new vacuum when it went into sale. Bought 10″ table saw and 14″ ribbon saw a few years ago with lifetime warranty and if I needed parts that were molded due to poor quality the parts were stopped. Then, out of interest, I looked for other parties that were still in order, but who were checked and settled on availability.i searched for any website and even called and spoke to an agent. How can they give a lifetime guarantee if there are no spare parts? I will not buy ridgid again not only for this reason, but also for poor quality. I couldn`t take care of his contract for life. I would prefer to buy tools that I really like, that don`t need to be repaired so often. It`s good for an owner. For someone who needs the tool to make a living, there is no way unless it`s just to get you through until you can afford it better. I can`t help but think of Tommy Boy when it shows up. “Yes, you can take a dump in a box and put a guarantee in it… I`ve bought Ridgid tools over the years, but I don`t like them so much, I always take them off at Home Depot or dump them on Craigslist. I even bought the latest gen5X brushless combo and it wasn`t great overall, but no tool could live up to its torque requirements, so I removed it.

Before, it wouldn`t have made much difference to me. The tools themselves would be adjusted before porting, making the warranty unnecessary, and legitimate manufacturing errors would be covered by a standard warranty. The switch to lithium-pile technology made me change my mind. The replacement easily costs WELL more than $100 and they don`t degrade gracefully like NiCd, but simply decide to die one day unexpectedly. Since batteries are produced for a long time according to individual tool models and therefore their warranty remains valid, the lifetime agreement is now certainly worth something.

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