Private Security Agreement Pdf

This agreement benefits and binds the estates and transfers of the parties. The company accepts that there is no employer-employee relationship in this agreement. Security personnel have no claims against the customer and are not responsible for wages, allowances and other benefits. Similarly, the Company releases the customer for any claim, loss, damage and damage suffered by security personnel for any event likely to occur on the Customer`s premises, including, but not limited to, intentional acts or omissions or negligence of security personnel during the effectiveness of this Agreement. Security personnel must maintain the right behaviour, discipline and behaviour at all times and must not engage in behaviour that does not agree with a security guard. It is the customer`s responsibility to make facilities and stations available to security personnel on site. Security personnel ensure the security of the premises in accordance with the customer`s requirements, which the staff must align to the standards required by that client. The company provides staff with the necessary uniform to wear to its service. The company accepts that the customer provides the necessary standards that the company must meet to maintain security in the customer`s premises, to the satisfaction of the customer. The company provides security services by assigning staff with the guard and guard post, securing and protecting the premises, as required by the company.

When this agreement expires, security personnel will evacuate the client`s premises. In the event of an infringement, the aggrieved party is entitled to damages or has the right to terminate that contract and other compensation privileges arising from that breach. Any sensitive or proprietary information that contracting parties may acquire from each other under this agreement is considered confidential information. The contracting party that receives this confidential information retains confidential information and exercises the degree and diligence required by law. CONSIDERING that the company whose expertise provides security services accepts and accepts the client`s job offer; Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is not considered to have taken place unless it is made in writing and signed by both parties. It is the company`s responsibility to guarantee any license for the employment and duty of security personnel.

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