Power Purchase Agreement Sample Uk

We have a number of firm PPP agreements that set a competitive price for your power over a period that works for you. The good energy PPA contracts are adapted to the specific requirements of each generator. We offer a number of agreements based on fixed or variable tracker rates for long or short durations. If your company is producing electricity and buying electricity on the grid — which makes it a prosumer — it may be time to… Fixed PPP: Our fixed AAE offers a fixed and competitive price for your power over a short to medium duration (1-5 years). PPA portfolio: an exclusive agreement offering competitive prices for portfolios of two or more generational sites. Our PPA portfolio includes your entire portfolio for a competitive and simple electric achanion solution. No matter how your company produces its own electricity, we can set up a corporate PPP with you. We buy your energy and we will sell it to National Grid before sharing the proceeds. Thus, you get the financial benefit without the administrative burden. PPAs also provide green registration information to your business.

By participating in an electricity purchase agreement, you will insure your business in the future by improving your company`s environmental responsibility. From the customer`s point of view, this will only improve relationships. Not only with customers, but also with current and future employees and suppliers. We specialize in PPAs for renewable energy from wind, hydro, solar, anaerobic digestion, tidal power and waves. But we can also help if you make your green energy in another way. Our Flex option also pays a percentage of the embedded benefits and applies a single variable rate based on fixed tranches (power blocks) and a weighted average price. Electricity purchase contracts have become one of the most popular methods to realize the benefits of solar energy for electricity consumers. An AAE allows your business to enjoy the benefits of clean energy through a photovoltaic investment, without financial expenses to get your capital. CfD PPA: Our CFD PPA offers a competitive path to market for generators that have secured a feed-in tariff with Contracts for Difference (FiT CfD) with the Low Carbon Contract Company (LCCC). Good Energy may offer a PPA CFD for up to 15 years of contract. We also offer financial rewards for any flexibility you can offer in your generation.

In other words, we will give you additional payments if you can increase or reduce your generation depending on network requirements. Pay for the production of your own electricity with a renewable purchasing power contract (AAE). Whether you`re a dedicated energy producer or a company with production facilities on your sites, you need Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to earn payments for the energy you export to the grid.

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