Nato Payment Agreement

“Our NATO partners, for example, were very late in their defense payments, but at my strong insistence, they agreed to pay an additional $130 billion a year,” Trump said. “And that $130 billion will ultimately be $400 billion a year.” The agreement would mean that European allies, Turkey and Canada would contribute more to the $2.5 billion annual budget to manage the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters, international personnel and NATO-led military assets. Beyond the direct budget, NATO agreed in 2014 that each member state would increase its own defence spending to 2% of its respective gross domestic product by 2024. Trump also repeated a mischaring up of NATO members as a delinquent in payments to the alliance and expanded his role in the members` belief in increasing their defense spending. WASHINGTON – In his speech to the Republican convention on Thursday night, U.S. President Donald Trump again called on a NATO agreement to increase spending on their own defense, repeating a coherent but somewhat misleading talking point about his campaign rallies. According to diplomats, Canada has stated that its support for the funding agreement should not set a precedent for other international organizations. Italy has not yet decided on its position, he said. The NATO Resources Office brings together all NATO international staff members who deal with resources.

The Office provides integrated political and technical advice to the NAK and the Secretary-General, NATO resource committees and other NATO bodies. The Office facilitates resource agreements between Member States. He also insisted that the new START agreement between the United States and Russia be renewed, an arms reduction agreement that is expected to expire in 2021. Read more: NATO Secretary General`s unprecedented speech to Congress downplays differences of opinion with Trump, but sends a “powerful reminder” to the president Under previous agreements, the U.S. has provided 22 percent of NATO`s direct funding, which includes maintaining NATO headquarters, joint security investments and some combined military operations CNN reported. The financial management system for the PIN is based on an international financial settlement process. Host countries report on planned expenditures under their responsibility for approved projects. After approval of the forecasts by the investment committee, the international staff calculates the amounts to be paid by each country and to receive from each host country.

Other calculations would determine the amounts of payments, currencies and the country or NATO agency that will receive the funds. Each financial controller uses the most recent Committee on Budgets in the event of a persistent disagreement with the head of the respective NATO body over a proposed transaction. The financial controller is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of budget implementation are in line with expenditure appropriations, special controls imposed by the budget committee, and the financial rules and procedures and procedures for carrying them. It may also, in response to the internal audit, put in place additional controls and procedures that it deems necessary to maintain accountability. In an obvious attempt to allay Mr. Trump`s concerns about how much the United States is paying, NATO announced in late November that it had agreed to reduce the U.S. government`s contribution to the direct budget. Under the new agreement, Germany and the United States will also pay 16% of NATO`s central budget, while the United States has already contributed 22% (more than any other member). Trump accused Germany of being a “delinquent” in its payments to NATO and said, “We don`t want to be suckers anymore.” But that will change after a new payment formula is agreed in 2019.

Before meeting allied defence ministers, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the group expected spending to continue to rise.

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