Highway Agreement Officer

Work within the highway must be carried out under a contract using the standardization requirements of the Institution of Civil Engineers, which confers on the Planning Department Manager, Growth and Sustainability or its representative the Proper Officer, so that he would be, with certain restrictions, “the engineer for the work”. In the case of particularly large contracts, the agreement may require that the Planning, Growth and Sustainability department manager (or their Proper Officer representative) be qualified as an “engineer for the work” but without responsibility for measurement and evaluation. The developer is responsible for all costs that we and our service provider incur in preparing and managing the agreement, inspecting the work and monitoring the disposal. These costs include (but are not limited): a Section 278 approval request can only be processed after Matters`s full planning or reserve authorization. A pre-candidate is possible for the payment of our fees. All underwriting audits and approvals (excluding structures) related to the improvement work mentioned in the agreement. A copy of the NRSWA certificates is required for all supervisors and operational entities responsible for the highway element of this access, as well as a copy of the insurance certificate indicating public liability. Both must be up to date for the duration of the work. Prior to the signing of Section 278, a maintenance contribution of $10,000 must be filed with the Commission.

This is the case for all restoration or traffic management security work for which we have not been able to contact the developer or its subcontractors in order to secure the area within 2 hours. Authorization and authorisation procedures (including permits for works within the motorway) are subject to royalties. A Section 278 agreement allows third-party work on the public highway on approved design and construction standards to mitigate the effects of development. If the owner wishes to enter into an agreement, he must download and complete the application form in accordance with Section 278 and e-mail it to highwaysdm@buckinghamshire.gov.uk, or by letter to the Highway Development Directorate, 6th Floor, Walton Street Offices Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 1UY, on the advice of the motorway authority requesting the management of the work of Section 278 as the construction of public costs roads, the developer should comply with the following requirements: All administrative work (but not the Legal Costs of the Council) is related to the agreement, including the first instructions related to the acceptance and updating of the Council`s databases. All works on Buckinghamshire motorways are subject to the Buckinghamshire Permit Scheme 2020 or subsequent modifications.

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