Bwz Uw Learning Agreement

➡ In your final year of study, you can apply for a scholarship for both students and higher education. Remember that you must be before the dismissal throughout the student internship, because in this case, the Erasmus practice must be added to your studies at the University of Warsaw. If you choose audventive practices, the trip can only take place after the defense. You cannot be a student of another discipline at the uw or at another university during a university internship. The electronic student card is valid from the beginning of the semester. If you are studying for two semesters at the University of Warsaw, you must extend the validity of your ELS. At the beginning of the second semester, you will find detailed information on the procedure. Any student at the University of Warsaw can apply for an electronic student card (ELS). Find out here how to take advantage of the card and how to apply. ➡ information is available on the websites of a foreign university. You should always check the current catalogue of courses offered by a foreign university.

➡ Yes, you must send this document to the BWZ as a scan within 7 days of the start of the exercise. ➡ BWZ does not need such a document, so there is no specific model for the form that needs to be downloaded from the UW website. If a foreign university wishes to issue you such a document, it should do so in its own form. The most important document required by BWZ UW and on the basis of which your trip is billed is a letter of confirmation (or an equivalent document) or a record of the check-in. This document must be issued by a foreign university at the end of the stay (mobility), and must confirm the exact duration of the studies in relation to one day. At this point, you should prepare your “Before Mobility” apprenticeship contract (part 1). As soon as the document has been signed by you and the coordinator of your institution, send it to us. Please note that the document can only be signed by us after you are admitted to the UW. Filled by the welcoming person or guest`s guardian. The registration of a guest`s stay at the University of Warsaw is attached to order No. 11 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on February 6, 2019, an amendment to Order 130 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on 12 December 2018 concerning the payment of guests to the University of Warsaw and the financing of the costs of their stay (M.2019.27.11).

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