Bangui Agreement Wipo

The directorate general is attached to the Director General and is responsible for the executive work of the organization. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization and implements board decisions and other duties arising from the terms of the agreement. [8] The Bangui Agreement has given OAPI the following tasks: the Board of Directors is made up of representatives of the OAPI member states. Its mission is to develop regulations for the implementation of the agreement, to define financial rules and fees payable, to monitor the implementation of the regulation and to create ad hoc committees on specific issues. They will also develop appropriate regulations for the implementation of six international treaties and agreements concluded by all Member States under the agreements. The formal meetings of the Board of Directors are held annually, although informal meetings may be convened at any time to deal with urgent matters. [6] The Council is chaired and chaired by a President. OAPI member states are also members of the Paris Convention, the Budapest Treaty, the Patent Cooperation Treaty [25] and the ON TRIPS Agreement. [26] Bangui`s agreement includes patents[15] utility models,[16] trademarks,[17] industrial design law,[18] trade names,[19] geographical indications,[20] Copyright,[21] unfair competition[22] integrated circuit support[23] and variety rights. [24] The High Appeals Committee is composed of three members selected from a list of representatives appointed by the Member States.

One of its tasks is to decide whether to reject applications for protection of industrial property, to reject applications for maintenance or extension of guarantees, to reject applications for restitutio in integrum and to make opposition decisions. [7] OAPI is a member of the Hague Convention on the International Filing of Industrial Designs. Therefore, the protection of the OAPI`s design can be obtained either through an OAPI application or through an international application in The Hague, designated by the OAPI. The Bangui Agreement in Appendix V provides for the protection of commercial or commercial names. The African Intellectual Property Organization is an intellectual property organization based in Yaounde, Cameroon. The organization was created by the Bangui Agreement of March 2, 1977. The Bangui Agreement was amended in 1999. Jean-Baptiste Wago (Central African Republic) is Deputy Managing Director and Touré Serigne Momar Nasir (Senegal) is Financial Controller. [10] As OAPI is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty,[25] patent protection can also be obtained through a PCT application.

Patent issues are dealt with in Schedule I of the Bangui Agreement. Patent applications must be filed with the OAPI secretariat. Member States may also require applicants residing in the territory of a Member State to submit the application first to the National Administration (OAPI liaison body) of the Member State. In this case, the request must be forwarded by the national administration to the OAPI within five days. . – Design issues are addressed in Schedule IV of the Bangui Agreement.

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