Army It User Agreement

13. Military Advantage, Inc. does not accept any explicit or implied guarantees regarding the content, information or services provided through the website. We do not guarantee the accuracy, accuracy or completeness of the information contained on the website and are not responsible for: (i) errors in omission resulting from the use of such information; (ii) outages, delays or interruptions in the provision of content or services contained in the website; and (iii) defamatory, defamatory or illegal materials contained on the website, including web pages, CVs, emails, profiles, notices, notices, statements, memorandums or articles or documents relating to users` use of the site`s chat functions. You acknowledge that any confidence in such advice, advice, statement, intent or information is made to your own risk. You acknowledge that neither Military Advantage, Inc. nor its members of the website, while these members participate in the site, provide legal services, medical services, advice or professional advice. We recommend that you provide appropriate professional advice for any situations or problems you may have. Military Advantage, Inc. has the right, but not the obligation to correct errors or omissions in a part of the website

14. Military Advantage, Inc. is not involved in a transaction between the parties who use our website. There are risks you take in your dealings with people who might be acting under false pretenses; All these risks are borne by you. The website is just one place and we do not control, censor or control classified ads or other lists (“small ads”), their users or their behavior. We cannot control whether users of our classified ads will close the transactions they describe on our website. It is essential to exercise caution throughout your relationships with others on this site. Military Advantage, Inc. prohibits misleading offers that do not list the total purchase price or “bait-switch” of products; Advertisements that are listed in the wrong category duplicate lists containing more than 60% of the same characters, regardless of the category; and criminal offers, including, but not limited to registering an email address other than yours.

Military Advantage, Inc. prohibits the transmission, dissemination or publication of information that reveals personal or private information about a natural or legal person, including, but without limitation, telephone or address numbers, debit cards, calling cards, user account numbers or passwords or similar financial information, as well as telephone numbers or private addresses. Even if all of this is strictly prohibited, it is unlikely that you will be exposed to such objects and that you will continue to waive your right to any party to suffer damages related to such exposure.

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