Agreement Between Abdullah And Ghani

Following the signing of the agreement, the two politicians are under increasing pressure to address current social, economic and Covid 19 issues in the country, while advancing peace talks within Afghanistan. In the absence of lasting progress towards peace, the power-sharing agreement is unlikely to improve the risks of poverty, hunger and security in Afghanistan. The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan President of the High Council to avoid a large-scale conflict, John Kerry, then U.S. Secretary of State, negotiated an agreement between the two, which left Abdullah as the country`s leader. The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan may convene consultative meetings of the High Council for National Reconciliation. In February, the Taliban signed a pioneering agreement with Washington to prepare the way for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, but intra-Afghan talks have stalled. The signed copy of the agreement was posted on Dr. Abdullah`s Facebook page on May 18, 2020. The political agreement between President Ghani and Dr Abdullah Abdullah has just been signed. Dr. Abdullah will lead the National High Council for Reconciliation and his team members will be admitted to the cabinet. Details will soon be released by RTA. US President Donald Trump has made leaving Afghanistan a priority.

The agreement states that provincial governors are appointed on the basis of a rule agreed by both parties. And appointments and relocations should be made on the basis of justified reasons, and new appointments should be made on the basis of legal merits and conditions. Part of the agreement states that political leaders who participated in the peace process should be appreciated. These leaders include former head of the High Peace Council (HPC) and former President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was killed in a suicide bombing in 2011, his son Salahuddin Rabbani, also head of the HPC and foreign minister, former HPC chief Sayed Ahmad Gailani, who died in 2017, and the current HPC chief, Mohammad Karim Khalili. The agreement also stipulates that Ghani will make Abdul Rashid Dostum, his former vice-president, an ally of Abdullah, a marshal of the armed forces. Dostum, a notorious military commander, was accused of ordering the torture and rape of a political rival in 2016. Some question whether the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, which was aimed at bringing peace to Afghanistan, was essentially a withdrawal agreement. Disagreements over the composition of the government have helped delay negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban to end the fighting. Discussions were scheduled to begin on March 10 as part of an agreement signed in February between the United States and the militant group. The U.S. envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, said on May 15 that a new meeting for intra-Afghan peace talks was being discussed.

The United Nations and the United States said in statements that they welcomed the agreement. Experts believe Sunday`s agreement could help lift Afghanistan out of the political crisis. KABOUL – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) welcomes the agreement reached between President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to resolve the political impasse and enable heads of state and government to address the serious challenges facing the country. AAA Translation of the political agreement between Ghani and Abdullah As part of the agreement, Abdullah will lead the Peace Talks Council and members of his team will be admitted to the cabinet. Poverty in Afghanistan is defined as someone who survives on a dollar or less a day. Successive Afghan governments, including Ghani`s, have been accused by international supervisors of widespread corruption.

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